Spring cleaning with the Angels!!

Every Spring for eons people and animal alike start their spring cleaning. Sweeping out the dull, stagnant energy of winter along with the piles of unnecessary junk we accumulated over the past year. Its a wonderful time when we feel renewed by purging ourselves of that which no longer serves a purpose in our lives. A great starting place is your home!
For me, by the time Spring approaches im so over Winter it isn’t funny…desperation for fresh air, warm sun and flipflops is over whelming so i always start by gather up winter clothes and packing them away to make room for more spring-like wear. Ahh i can breathe better already! Next i clear up all the junk stuffed into every nook and cranny of my home. Throwing out old magazines (or recycling them is better), clearing the dust off the shelves, organizing closets, getting rid of anything broken and donating anything that isn’t used but takes up space. Now, you may think once your house is cleaned out everything is finished , right?

While ridding yourself of unwanted clutter is GREAT for your home and your toes (im always stubbing my toe on this or that) Energy needs to be cleared out too! My favorite way to change the energy in my house is by opening all the windows and doing a good old fashioned smudging.

What is smudging you say? (shock horror!)

Essentially, smudging is purification by smoke, common to most of the
indigenous peoples of the Americas. It has been widely adopted by many
non-natives. It is done to correct the energy in a home, in an office, in an
object, or even in a person. This is accomplished by burning sage or sage and a
combination of herbs, in a focused, intentional way to cleanse out negative
energy and to replenish positive, healing energy.

Herbs used in smudging are typically sages, cedar or sweet grass. Sage
(particularly white sage which is the most potent and my personal favorite to use) and cedar are
typically tied up in hand-sized bundles called smudge sticks to dry. Sweet grass,
a tall plains grass with a sweet vanilla scent, is braided into ‘whips’. The
smoke they produce when burning is known for its “cleansing” properties and are
the most popular way to smudge your home. Its so easy to do and the effects are

How to smudge your space and yourself:

Start by opening all the windows in your home (so as to give negative energy a way to get out) and light your smudge stick , letting it burn for a minute or so the blow out the flame. It should be smouldering and billows of white smoke are rising. Start at your front door and walk clockwise around the house– going into each room and walking clockwise around them–  fan the smoke into every nook and cranny using a feather or your hand (or whatever you have , ive even used a paper plate) Don’t forget the corners and closets! I walk around the perimeter of each room then right down the center so i know all areas were covered. You can say a little prayer or anything you like while you smudge. In every room i usually will ask the angels and all the powers that be to rid this space of all negative and unwanted energies and charge this space with positivity and light. When each room is thoroughly smoked i close the window and go on to the next room. I go around my home (and every floor) till i end up back at the front door. I step out onto the front step and then smudge myself by rotating the smudge stick around my body. Now you and your space are cleared!! I use a heat safe bowl to stomp out and store my smudge sticks in. Smudging can be done as often as you like and has the most wonderful effect! Call on your angels to keep bringing in good energy to your newly cleared space! <3 You can even smudge your crystals to clear them!

Speaking of crystals!… Crystals are a great way to bring in positive energy to your home and work space. Clear crystal quartz placed in every room helps to keep your space flowing with good energy and helps to cleanse not only the room but your thoughts as well. I have one in every room of my house along with a green plant (philodendrons are PERFECT) to constantly filter out negative  and stagnant energy. They sort of do maintenance in between smudging and i am always recommending them to clients.

Cleaning and clearing inside and out keep us moving like well oiled machines….opening up to all the magnificent things that are coming to us in the seasons to come. Cleaning out your space, your mind and body (good nutrition is made easy and delicious with new spring fruits and veg) will keep you at your absolute best and that is something EVERYONE can use!

Love , light and everything wonderful Spring is bringing,

Dawn (\o/)    

Welcome to DawnOfAngels Blog!


Welcome to the wonderful world of angels!
 My aim in creating this blog was to teach people about the angel realm and our daily interaction we can have with them. These silent life supporters are with us from before conception and are there for us throughout our lives…All we have to do is call on them!
Recently i was at a psychic fair and it occurred to me that so few people realize they have these magnificent beings around them at all times and they are just waiting to be called to action. The law of free will in our lives prevents them from interfering in our daily choices ..BUT.. if we ask for their help they immediately come to our aid. Person after person that sat before me with wondrous eyes as i explained to them how there were angels assigned to them as they contracted to take on this life they are living and stay with us even after we leave from this world. They just need a green light to go ahead and help us! Watching them make notes , happily jotting down what they were learning about the angel realm reminded me of myself long ago when i realized no matter what i was going through in my life, i was never truly alone.
I am a stage 4 ovarian cancer survivor.
I was always intuitive as a child but it was during my battle that angels would present themselves to me and become part of my awareness.
Now, i was technically always a religious person and i relied on my faith in good times and in bad but it seemed in 2009 bad had become worse and without going into frightening and often sad details, (i’m sure as my blogs continue all will be spoken of eventually) i was at the end of my rope. I finally said out loud one day ” Thats it God, i don’t know what else to do, my life is in your hands, please help me”. I lay back in bed and closed my eyes, hot tears streaming down my face, and something told me to open my eyes. I childishly ignored the feeling and even squeezed them tighter in rebellion but i couldn’t ignore the fact i was feeling calm. Calm and warm to be exact. I opened my eyes and across the room , high towards the ceiling there was a bright, white figure. It didn’t look like any of the classic 17th century paintings of an angel but i knew in my heart it was. My first thought was what every other person in my shoes wouldve thought… “OH MY GOD I’M HALLUCINATING! CHEMO HAS FINALLY MADE ME WONKY!” I shut my eyes tight and reopened them to see that the image was still there and i didn’t feel like crying anymore. I picked up the cell phone off my chest , aimed and snapped a picture of it. Within seconds it was gone.  I looked at the picture over and over…looked around my room for any reason that exact image would appear on my wall and found nothing that could explain it. I knew my heart i had been visited by an angel.
Now i must say as a child i thought if you were visited by angels it would mean something serious, like they were coming to take you to the other side, but i wasn’t left with that feeling. What i was left with was that everything was going to be alright , i was loved, im not alone and they were here to help. For a day or forever , i didn’t know but in that moment i was comforted. That afternoon i started to also notice little signs like i opened my email to see an advertisement for Doreen Virtues book “Healing with the Angels” and later a TV documentary came on about the angel realm. I remember telling my mother about my sighting when she came later that day to take me out and remarked she didn’t know what it could mean. We entered a store and when i looked up on the very first set of shelves there were little china angels as far as the eye could see. I knew someone was trying to tell me something.
The next morning as i lay in bed by myself , my angelic friend reappeared. I was abe to take another picture and another the following day. `Finally i took the hint (despite my incredibly thick head) and bought the Doreen Virtue book. I read about how angels try to give messages and realized they had been trying to communicate with me MUCH longer than i ever couldve guessed.
Over the next days to weeks i started hearing them. Their advice came as repetitive thoughts at first and some not so subtle hints. Eventually i was able to distinguish when they were trying to contact me and what they had to tell me. I followed their advice to the letter and they lead me to people and situations that resulted in me getting everything i needed to overcome cancer. I am proud to say i am a survivor and the angelic realm lead the way for me.
I’ve been blessed to have been chosen now to spread the word of the angels and my ability to hear them and the messages they have for people have increased 100 fold!  Lucky me!!!
What an amazing journey i have been on and i’m so privileged to be able share with you all i’ve learned. Every week ill be sending out a news letter with information about angels & archangels and how to call upon them , holistic health, healing crystals, self help, how-to’s and so much more. All with a dash of humor and a few smiles thrown in.
Thank you so much for walking with me on this path now and i hope each and every one of you walk along feeling empowered and comforted knowing the angels are here with us every step of the way!

With much love and gratitude,

“May you always know the love of the angels, deep as the ocean, steadfast as the stars”