Grounding and Centering


I’m sure i don’t have to tell you we are living through some crazy times
here on this planet. Tragic events in the news are now common place and we are
all feeling its energetic effects. Irritability, tension, the inability to cope
with small disturbances are coming from all the emotional energy swirling about
us now. Luckily there is a few things you can do to help yourself…. all beginning with
grounding and centering.
Some people seem to have a stability or peace to them that keeps them from
getting out of control, or carried away. They seem more “grounded” and
“centered” within themselves. When you don’t share in their calm state of being
you are the one giving them annoyed glances on the check out line at the
supermarket or just stopping short of throwing your gum in their hair. By
learning a few simple mini meditations you too, can feel peace during chaotic
times. I always start by taking a few deep breaths. Pulling air in slowly and
deeply through your nose and exhaling it completely through your mouth.
Oxygenating is the first step in creating balance within yourself.

  Next comes grounding and this can be done in several ways but this is my
favorite and by far the easiest method. It involves a few minutes of simple
visualization that will bring you a sense of calmness and connection to the
earth itself (which when you’re feeling scattered is exactly what you need).

Start off by sitting or standing in a comfortable position (personally i
prefer sitting although i have done this laying down with my knees raised
and feet planted flat on the bed). The choice is yours and your body will tell
you how it is most at ease so don’t worry the position isn’t correct. As long as
your feet are flat to the ground its just fine!

Breathing deeply, close your eyes and visualize roots growing down from the

soles of your feet deep into the earth. If you are indoors, visualize them going

through the layers of floor and cement till they reach right down into the soil
underneath. See these roots going deeper and deeper, spreading out and
stabilizing you to the earth. They reach the center of the earth which is
swirling with white Mother Earth energy. Soothing and peaceful….your roots act
like straws bringing this warm, comforting energy up and up the roots…Back up
through the ground and into the soles of your feet. Then feel it coming slowly
up though your ankles, your calves, thighs, slowly up though the trunk of your
body, your chest, arms and neck…then filling your head all the way to the top.
Just when you think you cannot fit in one more ounce of earth energy in yourself , see this
beautiful white, loving energy come out the top of your head and flow down over
the outside of your body back into the earth. Revel in its comforting
You are now grounded!!!

Open your eyes…Look around you. How do you feel? Relaxed? Revitalized?
More attentive?

It is as simple as that!

You really will feel a difference and over time that difference will become
more and more noticeable.

Now, if you’d like to center yourself as well as ground (i always do) While
you are seated or in whatever position you chose.. Straighten out your spine and
visualize a beam of white light, like a rod coming straight down from the sky,
passing through the top of your head, through each chakra lined in you then out
the center of your body straight down into the earth. The beam sinks into the earth
connecting you to heaven and earth “centering” you between both. That is what
centering is!

You’re done!! You’ve successfully grounded and centered yourself for the
day !

It doesn’t take but a few minutes of your time and it really will help you
cope with all the crazy energy floating about.

Don’t worry if you find it hard to visualize these images right away, like
anything else, visualization takes practice but i promise you its worth learning.
Its free, its quick and its immensely helpful in day to day life. Grounding and
centering is a fantastic way to keep yourself in check and able to cope with
things that come your way. After a while you’ll notice more clarity of mind and
less stress in the body ..and that’s something everyone can use!

Till next time.. I wish you great happiness, calm and Earth Angel

~ Dawn (\o/)

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