Chakra Clearing


Every part of us is interdependent: our bodies, minds and
spirits are all an important part of our overall health. Our chakras are part of
our bodies, even though we cannot see them and they are just as subject to
physical, environmental and spiritual influences as the rest of us. Chakra
cleansing can help you to stay in optimal health by keeping our chakras properly
balanced and maintaining the efficient flow of energy.

Our mind, spirit
and body all work together in harmony, so chakra cleansing is important to your
health, just like regular exercise and eating right.

Regular chakra meditation can transform your life by clearing
out and enlivening your vital energy centers. This is a direct way to heal
ourselves on all levels of our being – physically, emotionally, mentally and
spiritually. This facilitates awakening to the Truth Of Who We Are and floods
our entire energy field with wellbeing.

Chakras are centers within our energy field where Life Force
flows into and out of our being, on the physical as well as the emotional,
mental, etheric and spiritual levels. Depending on our ability to release old
stuck energies, we can either be enlivened or burdened by our chakra centers.
That’s where chakra meditation comes in. As we focus on the light within us we
spontaneously release what stands in the way of our experience of light, love,
and wellbeing.

You can do this simple visual meditation sitting comfortably in
a chair or laying down. Choose a place where you will be relaxed and it will be
quiet for you to focus on visualizing the chakra meridian in your body. I
always prefer to do this when i wake up in the morning before i step out of bed
, so i find laying down is much more relaxing for me. Plus its a great way to begin your day!

Start by taking a deep breath through your nose and hold it for
about three or four seconds, exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat this 3
times to oxygenate the body. When you take deep breaths it changes your energy
levels in a positive way and promotes instant relaxation. Breathe deeply… and
completely release all the tension in your body, see it flowing down through
your feet into mother earth to be transformed……

Visualize or “feel” a round and transparent ball, a beautiful shade of
red, floating inside the center your body , low, near the base of your spine.
This is your “root chakra” the center of your strength and

Mentally look at or sense this ball. Notice if it has any
areas of darkness or what i imagine is “dirt”. These are energy imbalances, and
you can immediately wash them away by simply intending/visualizing the ball to
be perfectly clean. Visualize the darkness or “dirt” lifting off the ball and
raising straight out of your body, hovering in the air… then ask the Angels to
take it straight up to the clouds for transmutation. See the ball now clear, vibrant, perfectly
cleansed and is shining bright. You’ve cleaned your root chakra!

Next, move your attention upward about three to five inches, to the spot
just underneath your navel. Once there, see or feel a beautiful orange ball
floating within you.
This is your “sacral chakra, ” the regulator of your
physical desires. Scan the ball for any areas of darkness or dirt. Visualize it
lifting off this ball and floating out of your body…ask the Angels to take it
for transmutation..and watch them whisk it away. Your sacral chakra is now a
beautiful bright orange ball, the same size as the red one and shining just as

Now, concentrate on the area between your navel and your rib cage called
the solar plexus. See or sense a beautiful yellow ball within you, shining
like a little sun. This is your “solar plexus chakra,” the area affected by your
beliefs concerning power and control.
Check to see if there are any opaque or
dark areas on your solar plexus chakra. If there are, watch as all the dingy
energy is released from the ball , lifting up and out. Angels take this away,
too…leaving this yellow chakra as bright and beautiful as the sun itself

Then, move your attention to your heart region, between the breasts on the
center of your breast bone. Visualize or feel a gorgeous green ball in your
chest. This is your “heart chakra,” the centre of your loving energy.
the heart chakra for any shades of darkness. Release the dirt from the ball and
watch it float out of your body. Angels take it away off into the sky for
transmutation. Your heart chakra is clean and the most beautiful shade of green
you’ve ever seen. It is the same size as the other cleaned chakras and emanating
its own brilliant light.

Next, concentrate on your throat in the Adam’s apple area. See or feel a ball
in a lovely shade of light blue. This is your “throat chakra, ” the center
regulating the clarity of all your communications.
Mentally scan the throat
chakra, looking for or feeling for dark areas. Repeat the same action of
visualizing it being released and the angels taking it away leaving this bright
blue ball..gloriously illuminated and clean. See and feel the ball as perfectly
transparent, with no spots or dark areas.

Then, move your attention to the area between your two eyes, without forcing
yourself in any way, gently notice a dark indigo blue round or oval ball between
your two eyes. This is your The Brow Chakra, or Third Eye, which is the 6th Chakra, is in the center of the
forehead. It associated with inner vision, unity perspective, divine
understanding, discernment, wisdom, intuition, and intelligence.

As the image becomes clearer, you may notice that you are looking at an
eyelid. If you don’t see an oval or an eye-shaped object, then breathe deeply
and bathe the chakra with white light until the image becomes clear. Once you
get a glimpse of the third eye, notice whether it is open or shut. If it is
shut, ask it to open and make eye contact with you. Allow the third eye to
communicate any loving messages it may have for you. Once it is opened it is
cleansed. If that is too much for you to visualize, just see it as a dark blue
ball like the other chakras and clean it the same way as the others..ending with
the Angels removing and released debris. (sometimes its just easier and just as

When you are ready, place your attention on the inside of the top of your
head. This is your “crown chakra,” the area that gives you access to universal
wisdom. It is linked to our connection with God, Higher Power, Source,
integration of the Whole, living in the now, meaning, devotion, inspiration, and
higher alignment. Feel or see this chakra as a deep violet or purple ball.
Release any darkness or shadows on the ball…removed by the Angels till it is
perfectly pristine. Now beaming bright purple light, the same size as all the
other chakras and beautifully cleaned and cleared.

Take three deep breaths…in through the nose and blowing it out your mouth.

You’ve done it! Your chakras are balanced!!


The goal is a strong, clear, balanced energy system. The more open, clear and
balanced the chakra, the more energy can flow through your system. This energy
is essential for vitality, health, and continued spiritual growth. Once you have
done chakra cleansing a few times it becomes easier and faster. Do it once a
week or every day if you choose! Its all a part of living in these highly energetic times.

Till next time i wish you Angel love and bright blessings!

Dawn (\o/)  and on Facebook @



2 thoughts on “Chakra Clearing

  1. i just came across your website by “accident”, lol, rather i was led to it by our angels..we are far apart in age but have much in common. i am a 68 year old cancer survivor and had alst lost hope until difficulties came bearing gifts . now i am full of joy and gratitude and radiating love . it is a pleasure to find your site, i have been very drawn to minerals, meditation and all vibrational healing. i also have been studying oracle cards and retrned to my ability to channel, am flexing those unused intitive muscles again.

    wishing you love and light on your healing journey. suzy

    • Im so very, very happy you were lead here! I hope it brings you peace and positive info you can use towards your joyful journey. Keep studying and flexing those intuitive muscles… its time to start using those gifts to heal man kind.. Stay in touch and much love and light to you… you can contact me any time on Facebook/DDawnOfAngels if you need any guidance or just to share some friendly conversation, Dawn 🙂

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