Manifesting With The Moon

Manifesting with the Moon!

Definition : manifest – reveal its presence or make appear.

Enlightened beings have been using the power of the moon for centuries to
release old patterns and manifest blessings in their lives. We have and still
do look to the Moon to find out what type of energy is available on a given day
because we know it affects the whole being and the environment. On the Full Moon
day itself, there is a tremendous amount of energy available on the earth plane
and is the perfect opportunity to transform our consciousness and build a new
foundation of creativity and abundance. Also it is thought that many enlightened
beings and archetypes visit the earth plane during this time and their blessings
are abundantly available for humanity.The Full Moon phase is the most important of all moon phases. During this
time, the powers of creativity, abundance and manifestation of desires are at
its highest.

Here is a list of the four basic
phases of the moon:

newmoon.jpg New Moon – The new moon is the beginning of
the lunar cycle, and means that the moon is completely
in line with the sun and the earth. The sky is dark and the moon is not
visible. It is a time to start new relationships, personal growth, new
job/career, new beginnings, and planting a garden.

waxingcrescent.jpg Waxing Moon – The waxing moon is the period of time
between the new moon and the full moon. (Looks like a finger nail) Every night,
the moon gets a little larger. This is a time for growth, motivation, healing,
courage, friendships, prosperity, attraction, and success.

fullmoon.jpg Full Moon – This is a time when the Moon is at its
most powerful energy. It is a good time for love, romance, psychic abilities,
making decisions, healing, guidance and manifestation.

waningcrescent.jpg Waning Moon – The moon is waning as it gets smaller
after the full moon. ( Looks like a fingernail in the opposite direction of the
waxing moon). This is a good time to clean house, let go of the past, release
bad habits, addictions, end relationships, release negativity and to ease

There are several ways i harness the power of the moon to manifest
blessings in my life. You can choose which ever way resonates with you and im
happy to share just a few of the things i personally do and have done to
manifest positive things.
I always start by releasing the old.
Old patterns of behavior, thought, actions that do not serve a purpose in
my life any longer. I find my place of peace and quiet and get comfortable.
(for me its laying on my back with my knees raised and feet flat on the earth) I
call in God, Angels, Archangels, Ascended masters and my spirit guides while
breathing deeply. Then i ask….. (you can insert your own prayer here or follow
“I ask to be released from all negative patters that no longer serve me. I
release anger, resentments, self doubt, karmic dept and any low energy actions
and behaviors i may have….( name the ones you know of and finish by adding
“and any other negativity i am holding on to” this way youre covered ) I
visualize these things as dirt or darkness that is lifted out and off of me into
the air and whisked away by the angels for transmutation. When i feel i am all
clear i drink a huge glass of spring water and take a sea salt cleansing shower.
(Take pure sea salt that you’ve infused with positive energy and wash down your
body with it and throw a handful on the floor of your shower and stand on it
while rinsing off.) This always renews my spirit and makes me feel cleansed and
peaceful. You can do this ANYTIME to rid yourself of negativity, it always
helps to make room for the new by clearing out the old. So i usually do
releasing during the Waning Moon which is before the New Moon.
Now its on to manifesting!
For me, manifesting begins with the new moon. You can Google the moon
calendar and find the dates of new and full moons every month. (Gosh! Isn’t Google handy?) On the day of the new moon, take a sheet of paper, date it, and
write the following on the top: “I accept these things or something
better into my life for my highest good and the highest good of all
(This is called the “karma free clause”.
Basically you are saying to the Universe, I want these things, but only if they
are in my highest good and the highest good of everyone involved. Also, by
saying “or something better” it allows for the Universe to create something that
is beyond what we can possibly imagine. Sometimes, unknowingly, we can actually
sell ourselves short and what we can receive is so much greater than what we
asked for.)
Below your “karma free clause” begin to write out what you want to manifest
in your life. Remember nothing is too small nor too big. Write all your
statements in the affirmative such as “I am” and not “I need” or “I want.” If
you want healing in your life, ask for healing. If you want a job, specifically
outline the sort of job you want. If you want love say the type of person you
wish to come to you as a relationship.
When you are done with your list, put it away until the time of the full
moon, which always happens two weeks later.
At the time of the full moon, find a bowl or vessel to
safely burn your list in. (I use my abalone shell that i use to
burn my cleansing sage ) Burn your list and when it has completely turn to ash
and cooled, take the ashes outside and scatter into the wind, thanking the
Universe and all the powers that be for being a co-creator with you.
Another way to manifest during the full moon is to go outside on the night
of the full moon and write your list in the moon light, call in your light
beings to assist you if you’d like. (They always help us remember our worth) Then
read it aloud to the moon. After, follow up with burning the little piece of
paper safety just like in the other manifestation ritual above.
Please be super conscious of where you burn the paper, we don’t want any fires
started because of carelessness. (Not to mention it wouldn’t so good for your
karma )
A good practice is to take time to mentally examine any blocks you might
have to manifesting what you want in your life. Dismantle any feelings of
unworthiness or anything that cancels out your manifestations such as saying, “I
am getting a new job,” in one breath followed by, “No one will ever hire me,” in
the other. You have just canceled out your manifestation!
We all have done this before but must learn to kick this bad habit to the
This is all basic Law of Attraction , which states that we have the power
to manifest everything that we need in our lives. Yes! All it takes is getting
clear about what we want. There are a couple of caveats though — we will Never
manifest more than we believe we deserve and we will never manifest more than is
in line with our karma.
Happy Manifesting!!!!
As always I wish you much peace and Angel Blessings !
Dawn (\o/)
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