Cleanse Your Homes Energy With Houseplants!


Your home is your sanctuary and it should be a place of peace
and solitude. There may be times in your life when your home may become
imbalanced. You may sense negative energy from your surrounding or through other
people who literally have a dark cloud hovering over their heads. Negative
energy can be draining for all…. human and animal alike.

Often times, negative energy is not even realized within the home but it can
be felt through turmoil and drama. That is why spiritual cleansing is needed
within the home to bring balance. It is important to be able identify the
feelings of bad energy within the home and to do something about it in order to
get rid of problems.

As human beings, we all have vibration pattern and so does our environment.
That’s why when your environment/home is filled with anger or angst ,  you would
start to feel the save negative feelings with your emotions. When you become
intuitive to your feelings and your surroundings, you will become more aware of
the vibration field patterns within your home. Infact you start to notice
energetic vibrations everywhere you go.

A way to spiritually cleanse your house is to surround your home with plants
and flowers. They are known to absorb negativity &  purify air quality .
Some believe that all living energy forms are able to draw out negativity and
absorb it and ….the tradition of giving flowers to the sick was thought to
assist the sufferer by drawing out these negative energies from themselves and
their sick rooms.

A living plant brings hope, growth and life to an area. Feng
Shui experts believe plants bring vibrant “Chi” to a space. Chi is known to be a
universal energy which permeates from everything around us. Plants can help to
attract and nourish the flow of Chi in your home. When im called to do house
cleansings for people who are having difficult times or are moving into a new
home i ALWAYS bring my Angel House Cleansing Kit (sold on my facebook page) and
a house plant specifically for removing negative energy.

My Favorite is the Philodendron!

Philodendron is a  lovely plant that not only absorbs negative
energy from the room its in but increases positive energy flow, neutralizes
toxins and filters impurities from the air… Its also extremely easy to care
for because it requires very little attention and can thrive in low light

Here is a small list of my favorite plants and flowers that can
improve energy, air purity and even assist with physical and emotional issues.

All are widely available at local plant nurseries and even some

Philodendron plants… for all the reasons i stated
above, plus their heart shape leaves and lovely green color are uplifting and a
reminder that you are always surrounded with Angel love and light.

Bamboo palm… Creates positive chi energy, removes
formaldehyde and carbon monoxide

Snake plants & Spider plants… Great at removing
most toxins, increases positive energy  and thrive not only in hot places like
near windows but also low light like in bathrooms or hallways.

Peace Lilyhelps balance people’s bodies and energy fields where they
have been exposed to radiation energy such as computers, clock-radios, digital
watches, televisions etc., any sort of electrical appliance. Also for people
undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

English Ivy Trailing vines of ivy
help soften any “poison arrows” that point at you where you sleep or work. Ivy
removes benzene found in plastics, and helps control formaldehyde from carpets
and paint as well as filtering negative energy.

Boston Fern… Cleanses energy, thrives in warm humid
conditions by your front door on the porch to filter negativity from
coming inside.

Ficus…  help remove formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia
from the air.


Roses… carry forth the vibration of love. They are able to absorb
the negativity of a home. White roses absorb all that is impure.

Carnations.. remove mental and emotional turmoil.

Chrysanthemums... are the flowers of the new mother because of their
vibrations. These are the best flowers to be placed in hospitals or in a

Gardenias …..promotes goodwill and absorb vibrations of marital
discord. Gardenias are particularly helpful for marriages that are experiencing

Lilies…are the flowers for new beginnings.

Gerbera daisy…removes trichloroethylene from the air and gives off
“Happy” energy that positively effects mood.

Remember it is just as important to remove any Dead plants or flowers from
your home. A dead plant  slows and even stops the flow of positive energy in and
around your home so be diligent in keeping your space clean and plants and
flowers replaced when necessary.

All the above plants are inexpensive and easy to care for…

Its much simpler than you think to keep positive energy/chi flowing through
your home.. Its beneficial in so many ways to the welfare of your family, pets
and all who enter your house. Take charge and fill your home with natures
amazing power!

Till next time.. i send you all Angel love and light! ~ Dawn



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