Fend Shui for a better today!


It is that magical time of year again!
Pumpkin lattes, cozy sweaters, glowing jack-o-lanterns & a chill in the air… yup Autumn is here. This is my favorite time of year to ready myself and my home for the up coming holiday season by preparing for the barrage of house guests and then a long winter with good books and something sticky sweet. My home is my sanctuary as is yours for you and with all the energy swirling (and the veil between worlds thinning) i try to create the best energy or chi for home and family…

Enter Feng Shui….

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) examines how the placement of things and objects affect the energy flow in your living environment, and how these objects interact with and influence your personal energy flow.

A mouth full right?….
Well, never fear, because I’m going to give you a few “do’s and don’ts” to attract & manifest more positive energy into your heart and home. This is wonderful to do at the change of each new season or whenever you are feeling low energy, stuck or stagnant.
The changes can be vast and wonderful!

The Do’s and Don’ts…

Do clear your door way……. Energy flows into your home through the front door. Make sure you have an open and inviting pathway for it to flow right on in. Hanging a bell in the door to jingle as it opens and closes cleanses stagnant/negative energy or something red, like a red flowering plant or wreath, the color attracts positive energy and is known to bring good fortune and luck to those that dwell there.

Don’t have obstructed doorways or spiky plants at your homes entrance. It can slice and fragment positive chi that’s coming into your space.

Do bring live plants into each room. They increase the oxygen, clean the air, remove negative energy and create harmony. As an added bonus they look beautiful and bring some of natures finest elements indoors for you to enjoy. My favorite is the Philodendron plant for cleansing and clearing rooms. My last blog I wrote here had information on some great plants and flowers to create amazing chi for your home. Check it out on my web site DawnOfAngels.com

Don’t have clutter laying around. A cluttered home equals a cluttered mind. It creates imbalance and causes energy to stagnate , resulting in feeling easily overwhelmed, foggy brained and fatigued. Stuffing things in closets and attics don’t count as ridding your home of clutter…. reduce things that are unnecessary in your home and your mental and physical being will feel lighter and happier.

Do place mirrors in your home where they will always be reflecting something beautiful. (Lovely light, something gold, your dining room table or a thriving plant) What it reflects is what you will receive. If placed correctly the power of mirrors symbolically double , health and happiness! They have been called the “aspirin” of Feng Shui because they can dramatically shift the flow of energy in any given space.

Don’t place mirrors where they might reflect doors or windows, clutter, flames in the kitchen, toilet seats, dirty sinks or trash cans… also no sharp edges or spiked plants.

Do make your bedroom a priority for positive energy. The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, according to feng shui, because it’s where we seek restoration, balance, and peace. It’s also the place of dreams. In feng shui, the items you place between your mattresses have an energetic association with your intentions. So yes, you can make money (or find true love) in your sleep. Slip money or a heat or any item associated with your positive life intention’s. Use sensual fabrics and fluffy pillows to promote relaxation and leave your computer and cell phone in another room at night.

Don’t store things under your bed — shoes, gym equipment, books, pictures, and lock boxes are too energizing for restful sleep. Also never place a mirror next to or at the foot of your bed or on the ceiling..If you can see your reflection in the mirror while lying down(or other things) on the bed it could bring a third person in your relationship. Yikes!

The holidays can be a time of joy and togetherness…it can also be a time of stress and high emotion so this is the perfect time to prime yourself and your space with positive energy . It will help you in more ways than one… Hope you found this helpful and as always I wish you Angel Love and light !