5 Minute Angel Chakra Balance

Chakra colors of lily flower upon water in night background

Hello Angels!

With so much is happening these days we hardly have time to step back and take a breath. Its been quite a powerful energetic start to a year…in fact i cant remember when ive felt it be THIS intense! Many of my clients tell me they have no time or desire to meditate and feel so incredibly out of whack. Time is short, weather is unpredictable, emotions are running high and everyone is ready for Winter to be over. I sat in silence myself and asked the Angels how i could help when confronted with clients who are short on time and patience to feel back to themselves. They said all it takes is 5 minutes to rebalance.
With that i set out (with Angels complete assistance) to create a short 5 minute Chakra balancing meditation. You can do it anywhere,… home, the shower, the car, at work… and in minutes you can feel more grounded, clear headed and more like yourself. Keeping with the “short” theme of this meditation..ill keep this blog short too . Lets get to it!

Take a deep breath and call in your Angels….

indexStarting at the Root chakra (also known as the “base” or “Earth” chakra) which is located at the base of your spine… Visualize that area surrounded with RED light.
This is the chakra that deals with security and survival instincts and it becomes blocked by fear and worry. Name the things that you are most afraid of , things that cause you fear and concern (out loud or to yourself) then surrender them by saying “I release all my fears to my Angels” Take in a deep breath through your nose and release it through your mouth… You have now balanced your Root Chakra.

orange1Move up to your Sacral Chakra (also known as the water chakra) it is located just under your navel. Visualize that area bathed in ORANGE light.
This Chakra deals with emotions and intimacy and it becomes blocked by guilt and denial. Think of those things you’ve felt guilty about or denied yourself or others of…. forgive yourself, then surrender them to the Angels by saying “I release all guilt to my Angels” Take in a deep breath and blow it out. Your Sacral Chakra is balanced.

imagesTravel now to the Solar Plexus chakra (also known as the fire chakra) located between your navel and breast bone. Visualize that area bathed in bright YELLOW light.
This Chakra deals with energy, desire & will power and can be blocked by shame or arrogance. Think of the things that you’ve felt shameful about, disappointments or were judgmental over and release them to the Angels by saying “I release all shame and disappointments to my Angels”. Take in a deep breath and blow it out. Your Solar Plexus chakra is balanced.

green-rose-wallpapers-hdMoving up to your Heart Chakra (also known as the air chakra) located in the center of your breast bone over the heart. Visualize that area bathed in a gentle GREEN light.
This chakra deals with love and can be blocked by grief and sadness. Think about those things that have caused you deep grief, sadness and loss….remember that love is the strongest thing in your life….bring it all forward than release to the Angels by saying “I release all my grief to the Angels” Take a deep breath in and blow it out hard… Your heart chakra is balanced.

wonderful-light-blue-roses-wallpapers-1024x768Next is your Throat chakra (also known as the sound chakra) it is located in throat area. Visualize it glowing with a light BABY BLUE light.
This chakra deals with speaking your truth and is blocked by lies and silence. Lies we tell ourselves/others and silence when we shouldve spoken up. Think about those times, the ones that nag at you brain and make you feel badly. Release those lies and accept yourself and the truth within you … say “i release all lies and untruths to my Angels” Deep breath in and blow it out, Your throat chakra is balanced.

indexbUp to your Third Eye Chakra (also known as the light chakra) it is located between your brows , in the middle of your forehead. Visualize the area in a MIDNIGHT BLUE light.
This chakra deals with intuition and insight and is blocked by indifference, delusion and illusion. Think of those things that are illusionary falsehoods in your life. Be especially mindful of the ones you are responsible for …Be willing to release them all then say ” I release all falsehood and illusion to my Angels” Take your deep breath and blow it out.. Third eye chakra is balanced

42256-rose-wallpapers-love-rose-wallpapers-purple-rose-wallpapers-rosesLast on the list is your Crown chakra (also known as the thought chakra) is it located on the top of the head in the center. Visualize this area surrounded in a VIOLET PURPLE light.
This chakra deals with pure cosmic energy & enlightenment and is blocked by materialism , indecisiveness and melancholy. Bring to mind those moments you’ve chosen things over people, or times you were unwilling to make important decisions. Accept that you have the ability to let go of things from the past and be open to positive energy of the future…. then say ” I release all things that block positive energy flow to my Angels…. one last deep breath in… blow it out …your Crown Chakra is balanced.

It literally takes minutes to do this once you memorize the release sentences…. Do it anytime you feel even the slightest bit bogged down. Its an immediate release and balances/cleans the entire chakra system instantly.
Im wishing you all a bright and beautiful year…… lets all look forward to Spring!


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